SubTerra is an exciting and classic-style arcade game with a mix of action and puzzle solving.
There's this mine, you see. There's lots of gems there, waiting unhappily for their rightful owners to come and dig them up. It goes without saying that those gems would be much happier in your pockets.
But then there are the traps, rudely left by the miners. Massive boulders, ready to crush you, or worse, the gems. Laser beams, teleporters, monsters, locked doors, poltergeists. Machines which can duplicate everything, including you. Spiders. Slimes. And, of course, the Evil Skull of Death. To get the gems out, you'll have to figure out how to get to them, how to keep from getting smashed or eaten, and how to get out afterwards.
There are easier, safer, and, let's face it, smarter ways to get rich. But what would be the fun in that?
SubTerra has 500 challenging levels, some which reward smarts and some which require lightning reflexes. It features a huge variety of tricky traps, creatures, and power-ups, guaranteeing plenty of variety on the way down.
And, when you're through, you can use SubTerra's powerful level editor to make new dungeons and trade them over the Internet. Or you can play through the game again in Challenge Mode, which adds a new victory condition to each level to make it even more interesting.
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