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Level Design Contest

  1. How do I enter?
    Create a level for SubTerra and send it to Crystal Shard.
    Be sure to test your level first! If your level does not have a replay, we'll assume that it is impossible and send it back to you. To check your replay, press the 'R' key from within the editor.
  2. Who picks the Winner?
    The levels will be graded by a jury of members of the Crystal Shard team. Grading will be for originality, playability and fun factor.
    Best level wins!
    A good level does not have to be difficult; we like levels with new ideas. Try not to just copy an existing level and change it a bit. For instance a level that looks like a random collection of rocks and gems is not very original. Levels like Atlantis, Raytracing and Split Personality are.
  3. What's the grand prize?
    The prize for the Winner will be a Spiderweb Software game of their choice. The Winner and runners-up will be included in the upcoming SubTerra expansion pack.
  4. The Official Rules are:
    1. Levels must be fully tested. That is, if you press the replay button from the editor, the level's solution should show.
    2. You may send in as many levels as you wish.
    3. Be sure to set the gem quota and time limit.
    4. Hint boxes must be in English and must not contain profanities. Note that adding hint boxes to a level is generally a good idea.
    5. When sending a level, be sure to include your e-mail address.
    6. Levels must not rely on any behaviour not specified in the object list.
    7. We reserve the right to use any submitted levels in the upcoming SubTerra expansion pack, in original or modified form. We will, of course, include your name if we do so.
    8. Jury members are not eligible to enter the contest.

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