Creativity Abounds!
Hello everybody! My name is Pieter Simoons (occasionally known as Archmage or some other nicknames) and I'm a student in Leiden, the Netherlands. This webpage shows my latest attempts at being creative, as I'm usually busily trying to design something. Often these are computer games but as of late I've added a roleplaying system to my collection, even if we're still beta-testing it. As with most webpages, this is permanently under construction but never mind that. Please read on and tell me what you think of the ideas listed here.
is the roleplaying system I wrote recently. It's still in the testing phase, so I'd appreciate any feedback you might have on it. Also please do test it to see if the rules work and are balanced.

is another of my little projects - an interpreter for text adventures, and an adventure written to test it. The scripting language is easy but flexible. I know this is outdated but hey, it's fun to work with!

is an attempt to create a graphical action/adventure on the PC. I've noticed few such games exist on PCs whereas there's plenty on other computers, and am trying to fill in the gap.

About other roleplaying systems...

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