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Welcome to my Webpage! I am Archmage, alias Pieter Simoons in real life. I am nineteen years old and come from
Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I'm currently studying computer science at Leiden University, after spending a year as an exchange student at Knox College, Illinois. I used to be a member of the national service organization Alpha Phi Omega, and still would be if it had any branches in the Netherlands.
Check out this homepage for the Leiden Gaming Club Het Duivelsei!
To learn something about my interests and hobbies, just scroll down and check out the rest of the page. I hope you like what you find. If you have any comments, ideas for new stuff to add, or just like to say hi, please write me a note.
Shade and sweet water!

Role-Playing Games
Here's a couple of extras for the biggest rpg - some new
Kits and Proficiencies. And there's a lot of new spells to be found in the NetBooks, but the ones on this link are in LaTeX format, so you may want to try Morpheus (see below) instead.
Somebody at Lune has compiled a neat proficiency list, among other things.
Sadistic DMs will probably enjoy this list of Traps.

If you want to play something new, you should try FUDGE, a nice freeform RPG system. Also you can check out SpellCaster, a strategy game with wizards similar to those in many RPGs.

For playing on the Internet, here is a long list of Telnet Sites, including Muds, Mushes and Irc. I used to be a well-known player on some mud, but that mud has since degenerated and I never bothered getting to know another one. However, to help out newbies I still have a list of Items that appear to be common in muds (but don't expect them everywhere).

For the light of heart, here's some jokes - 101 Spells Not Worth Memorizing, a treatise on Gnomish Weaponry and the tome of Real Men, Roleplayers, Loonies and Munchkins.

Finally, be sure to check out Morpheus' Website (which is locked, by the way), the Picture Archive and the Document Archive.

Magic: the Gathering
Magic, MtG for short, is the oldest and most popular of a loooong series of trading card games. The idea of this is that every player has his own, unique deck to play with, and that you can trade cards with others to get better combinations, or just cards you like for whatever reason (such as the cool picture most cards have).
If you trade a lot you'll be interested in
Cloister Bell's Price List. I have some related info on collecting coming up.
Of course, there's the usual humoristic section: a list of Magic Jargon, the official guide to People and Places of Dominia, the MtG version of Real Men, Roleplayers, Loonies and Munchkins, and some way cool strategies for the Gray Ogre.
If that's not enough for you, try these other sites: Wizards of the Coast, and Mox Perl which has lots of lists, rules and FAQs. WotC has shut down the Magic site at

ElfQuest (Wendy & Richard Pini)
This graphic novel has been translated in lots of
different languages; there's also some words in the Elfin language. And, just for fun, here's a list of what happens if you throw those Elfin names into a spellchecker.
There's a lot of ElfQuest pages on the web. The first you should look at is, of course, WaRP's Official Website, (which is where the picture comes from). You may also want to check out the Portfolio for more pictures.
A lot of ElfQuest sites have been closed down recently, including Lupine, Logomancy, and Milton. The List of Characters is still there, luckily, and I've heard of a reasonably new one at The Vault. There's still TON of other websites in case you have time to check them out, but I can't guarantee any of them working.
Of course, Elfquest, its characters, situations, logos and their distinctive likenesses are trademarks of and copyright 1996 by WaRP Graphics, Inc; all rights reserved worldwide.

Great Science Fiction & Fantasy Authors

Computers and all
Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter (UDIC) is a group of people devoted to Origin's Ultima games, a series of rpgs known for their excellent storylines, and, in the later ones, the graphics, too.
There's an Ultima-like game coming up called Homeland, and I'm working on the storyline and conversation scripts.
I like computer programming, although I'm not a professional (yet). Here's a Load of Programming Stuff.
The Games Domain has some more info on programming, and a lot of games available for download.
Programming is an art, when done in certain ways. If you don't believe me, take a look at the Obfuscated C contests. And, if you want to pull a joke on someone, here are some jokes with a Macintosh.
And, in case you still remember those good old Commodore 64's (which I do, and I love them), you can download some games at SharkBite, Hbbuse, Nerve and Arnold. For more information be sure to check out the Web Directory and the Commodore Ring.
For some more nostalgia, somebody has compiled a page of Arcade Classics.

Funny Stuff
This is one of the most widely appreciated sections, and there's lots of stuff I'd like to put here - there's lots more to come.
Have you ever spoken to a dragon? Here's your chance - go talk to
Maur and hope she doesn't eat you!
As for now, everybody should read these really funny Words of Wisdom (also known as taglines, for the mail freaks among you).
Is there anybody around here who hasn't heard of Monty Python's Holy Grail? If so, click and read the script. Speaking of Monty Python, there is a lot of scripts and files from their Flying Circus that you may want to read. And let's not forget another really funny series - Red Dwarf
Then, I have a nice ascii graphics file on Cows in Various Situations, a parody on Twelve Days of Christmas, an MIT Application and a Case of Murder. In case you haven't had enough yet, here's Seuss Trek, a parody on Star Trek, and a poem of Male vs. Female. And lastly, a large collection of humourous text files can be found right here.

Do you like music? Try these songtexts from R.E.M. (the best!) and Prodigy.

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