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Creativity Abounds!
Hello everybody! My name is Pieter Simoons (occasionally known as Archmage or some other nicknames) and I'm a student in Leiden, the Netherlands. This webpage shows my latest attempts at being creative, as I'm usually busily trying to design something. As with most webpages, this is permanently under construction but never mind that. Please read on and tell me what you think of the ideas listed here.

- Roleplaying related -
- Computer related -
  • Simplex is the roleplaying system I've written. My group has been playing it for about three years now and it seems to work very well. It involves simple, consistent rules, few dice rolling and elegant character progression.
  • Qualinem #1, Kaloqai #1 and #2 and The Caravan adventure are campaign logs available for players of my group. I've finally put up the log for Shades of Gray. Also here's the Twekorrel announcement. These are in Dutch and may be hard to understand if you weren't in them.
  • Brief history and Family tree of the House of Amber, for people interested in Amber campaigns.
  • PJS sector is only available to Alpha Complex citizens of orange clearance or higher. If you don't understand what I just said you might as well ignore this category.
  • ElfQuest magickal powers is an attempt to classify the mystic elves into categories of powers that could be used in a roleplaying game.
  • Some prestige classes for the third edition of D&D. Includes the sage, airdancer, artificer, elementalist and darklord.
  • Some wizard spells for second or third edition of D&D. There's at least fifty of them and most are low level and tend toward versatility. Read on!
  • Stories I wrote - these aren't really finished or anything (nor are they likely to ever be) but I might as well put them on here.
  • Sub Terra is a challenging puzzle game combining the elements from several old and famous puzzle games with several new ones, as well as smooth graphics and fancy music. Of course it has a level editor as well. Check it out and send me feedback!
  • Hollow Earth is a big project. It is a computer turn-based strategy game. You can check out the beta and see what you think of it; it's like Civilization only in a fantasy setting. This is not currently accessible.
  • ADVance is another of my little projects - an interpreter for text adventures, and three adventure written to test it. The scripting language is easy but flexible. I know this is outdated but hey, it's fun to work with!
  • Pjs-Gfx is rather old but may be of some use to hobbyists. It is a graphical library for MS-Dos C++ and performs a lot better than the standard BGI stuff. Includes Mode-X, fade effects, lines, sprites etc. (zip file)
  • Script for Ultima V for the fans out there. These are the conversations (and huge spoilers) extracted from this great (if a bit old) game by Origin.
- Happiness is Mandatory -
- Parody Stories -

See my Old webpage here! (but I haven't updated it in ages)
Mail me if you have feedback, share a hobby or have something interesting to tell me.
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