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People's reactions

Your demo of the KQ2.5 looks really professional! Most of the backgrounds are at least as good as AGDI's pictures.
- JLM5

It's a way over my expectations.
- InCreator

Those screenshots in your website are simply superb! Who is making them? Please say him/her I felt in love!
- Farlander

Looks nice. Very promising.
- MuzlakOofmay

- Snarky

Very nice pictures. And comparing to other pictures here posted frequently some people I have to say that yours are superior in matters of DETAIL; very very very good!
- Zeus

Very nicely done. Can't wait to see more of this.
- Spikey

Magnificently beautiful!!!!!
- Migs

Very beautiful backgrounds guys, absolutely fantastic.
- Adanzis

Great backgrounds. This is certainly a game I am looking forward to.
- Gav

I love it! I can't wait to play the whole game.
- Fluxmaster

These backgrounds!? They're beautiful.
- Migs

Wow! Nice!
- BerserkerTails

Looks awesome, Radiant. I love your gui, and your pop-up credits. It looks very nice! I can't wait to play it.
- Blackthorne519

It is looking great so far.
- Halting Waves

A great demo for a forthcoming gr8 game.
- Deltamatrix

Really fantastic backgrounds!
- Adanzis

Very nice! Nice background art and I love the popup credit things. Promosing project indeed. I loved the game, graphics, idea... everything is fantastic. LOVED... the pop up Credits... Thanks again and keep up the good work.
- Sinister

It looks very promising.
- Modgeulator

I think the background art is great. The demo looks good. Good luck with this project, guys.
- Brainiac

- The Knight

Pretty cool demo, eh?
- Navynuke04

Yea I love the artwork in the 2nd and 3rd screens ... It's sweet!! I also like how the toolbar at the top fades in and out, nice effect. Looks very promising!!!!
- Angelus3k

The graphics are amazing! The backgrounds are some of the best I've seen in a fan-made adventure game.
- Liam Longbow

It looked great ... Oh, the screenshot is nice!
- Queen Kara

I'll be eagerly awaiting this game.
- Fluxmaster

I like the design.
- Broomie

You guys did an AWESOME job on pop-up credits in the demo.
- Unknown