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Frequently Asked Questions

• Is this game really called King's Quest II½?
Heheh. Not really, it's just a working title. But it does play between KQII and KQIII. Our official title is 'A Tale of Two Kingdoms'.

• Can I join your team?
Possibly. If you want to be a tester, you'll have to wait until the game is complete enough to be tested. We'll announce it when that happens. If you are an artist, animator or musician, we would be interested in hearing more. Please click on the contact icon in the upper right corner for details.

• What language are you using for the game?
English. Oh wait, you meant programming language? It's written in Adventure Game Studio, also known as AGS.

• When will the game be done?
The short answer is 'whenever it is ready'. The long answer is 'before 2014'.

• How much will it cost?
Nada. Zilch. Squat.
However, donations are always welcome.

• Is the game about Graham searching for Alexander after his kidnapping?
No. That would be pretty pointless since KQIII established that Alexander wasn't found at all and returned of his own accord.

• Does it have anything to do with mother's milk?
No. Don't ask please.

• Will the game include speech? What about translations?
The game design leaves the possibility open for both. When the game is completed we will ask around for people willing to do voice acting and/or translating.

• Isn't Sierra going to sue your pants off for copyright violations?
While we have received no official word from anyone associated with Sierra, they seems to be leaving fandom adventure games alone. They've never complained about Tierra's KQI and KQII+ either.