Unit List

Human units
Dark Elf units
Summoned units

Human unitsRequirementsSpecialty

Agriculturist Library Create farmland
Apprentice mage Mage tower Combat paralysis spell, missile immunity
Ballista University Long range, overland bombardment
Bowman Fletcher Ranged attack
Engineer School Build roads and fortresses, tactician
Galleon Shipyard Powerful naval unit, ranged attack
Healer Chapel Cures wounds and poison, detect invisible units
Knight Castle Fast, cavalry charge
Mounted scout Stables Fast, detects hidden units
Paladin Round table Fast, bless units, cavalry charge, fanatic
Pegasus rider Pegasus herd Very fast, flying, far sight
Pikeman Barracks, smithy Defense against cavalry
Pioneer None Build new cities
Priest Church Bless units, exorcism, magic resistant
Raft squad Harbour Amphibious unit
Ranger Hunting lodge Hide group of units, build watchtowers
Sailing ship Harbour Naval transport
Scout None Fast, hidden
Survival team Hunting lodge Build new cities, fast, hidden
Swordsman Barracks Basic combat troops
Warlock Arcane college Overland lightning bolt, detect invisible units

Dark Elf unitsRequirementsSpecialty

Adventurer Town hall Build new cities
Animalist Aviary Scare away animals and cavalry, tactician
Archer Armory Ranged attack, hidden
Astral ranger Astral well Overland teleport, missile immunity
Bladesinger Conservatory Fast, excellent combat unit
Caravel Construction yard Naval transport, very fast
Cloudship Cons.yard, heartstone Aerial transport
Druid Orchard Grow forests, hide group of units
Enchantress Arena arcana Ranged attack, magic resistance to group
Envoy High council Bribe enemy units
Geomancer Heartstone Create moonpaths
Herbalist Sacred grove Gather mana, cures wounds and poison
Illusion Mage circle Cheap decoy
Marksmen Shooting range Long range missile unit, far sight
Phantom Cloak of mists Flying, undead, strong combat unit
Raven Aviary Flying, scout unit
Seer Historian Detect invisible units
Shadowdancer Arena arcana Invisible, magic resistant, fast
Stargazer Mage circle Hidden, detect hidden units
Vigilante None Basic combat troop, build watchtowers

Summoned unitsRequirementsSpecialty

Dragon Energy mastery Very strong, flying, firebreathing, magic resistant
Elemental Energy adept Aura of flame, magic resistant
Feral cat Faith of Yirrick Fast, hidden
Ghost Mind initiate Hidden, drain happiness from enemy cities
Golem Body adept Strong combat unit, regenerates
Imp Energy initiate Strong self-destructive attack
Leviathan Faith of Xaos Strong, hidden undersea unit
Night stalker Mind mastery Invisible, poison and paralysis attacks
Skeleton Body initiate Upkeep is free, spreads plague
Vampire Body mastery Energy drain, magic resistant, missile immunity
Wizard eye Mind initiate Flying, hidden, far sight, detect hidden units