Spell List

Body magic
Mind magic
Energy magic
Chaos magic

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Universal spells
Abjuration Strips an enemy wizard of all power and magic, ultimately defeating him
Goblin's Curse Taunts an enemy wizard by changing his visage into a goblin
Minor Cancellation Removes enemy spells from a single unit
Major Cancellation Removes enemy spells from an area or group of units
Wealth of Croesus Creates a heap of shiny and precious gold

Faith-based spells
Divine Petition Cast down your beliefs and ask succor from a different power
Devouring Deep For followers of Xaos, summons a fearsome leviathan
Nature's Guardian For followers of Yequay, calls forth a stalking feline

Body initiate
Black Plague Strikes enemy troops with a contagious disease
Eagle's Flight Causes one of your units to sprout wings and fly
Ethereal Path Magically enhances roads for speedy travel
Mending Heals your units of wounds and disease
Might of Giants Grants one of your units fantastic strength in combat
Rejuvenation A lasting enchantment that heals all of your units fully each week
Restless Dead Summons a skeletal guard to do your bidding

Body adept
Blindness Strikes stack of units with blindness
Create Golem Animates a living statue of great strength
Gaea's Bounty Improves terrain by causing plants to grow
Great Harvest Blesses the farms in a city, thus causing a population boom
Reaper's Touch Causes an enemy unit to wither and fall over dead
Rock's Embrace Gives one of your troops the endurance and camouflage coloring of stone
Simulacrum Creates a duplicate of any unit, under your control

Body master
Earthquake Strikes an enemy city with severe tremors, destroying buildings and people
Immobilize Freezes a group of units in place indefinitely
Imperviousness Imbues one of your units with temporary invulnerability
Night Eternal Converts units dying anywhere into zombies under your command
Seismic Reorganizer Radically alters the countryside
Vampirism Transforms one of your troops into a mighty vampire

Mind initiate
Cloak of Shadows Hides all your units, until they move
Haunting Presence Calls forth a ghost to strike fear into the hearts of enemy citizens
Invisibility Turns one of your troops invisible permanently
Jinx Curses enemy units with bad luck and lessens their resistance
Revelation Reveals a far away part of the world map
Scrying Summons a floating eye to help you scout for hidden enemies
Worker's Zeal Improves morale in a city to make the citizens work harder

Mind adept
Amnesia Causes an enemy wizard to forget what he explored in the world
Ancestral Learning Train your troops' combat prowess using ancient knowledge
Discordance Causes a group of enemies to quarrel and scatter
Eldritch Barrier Conjures a horrid illusion that cannot be passed by normal troops
Foresight Makes a unit automatically move away when it would be attacked
Mind Shield Protects one of your troops from hostile magic
Psionic Gift Imbues a unit with a mental blast to attack its enemies

Mind master
Countermagic Disrupts an enemy wizard's concentration, ruining the spell he was casting
Dominance Charms an enemy unit to convince it that you are its true master
Nightmare's Wake Conjures an invisible night stalker to fight for you
Telepathy Read the mind of an opposing wizard
Tranquility Disallows an enemy wizard's troop from attacking cities
Translocation Instantaneously teleport a group of units elsewhere

Energy initiate
Aurasight Allows one of your troops to detect invisible enemies
Forging Flame Automatically enchants every unit build in (or summoned into) target city
Scorched Earth Burns enemy plains and forests into useless wasteland
Shimmering Shield Conjures an energetic barrier that protects your troops from missile attacks
Summon Imp Calls a wicked spirit from the netherworld that loves to blow things up
Sunbeam Focuses the light of the Sun to blast evil undead forces into oblivion
Winter's Chill Freezes enemy troops to slow them to a crawl

Energy adept
Aether Sense Attunes your mind to detect the usage of magic anywhere in the world
Conjure Elemental Summons a being of living flame to do battle for you
Flame Lance Strikes a group of enemies with searing arcane flames
Magic Seal Prevents positive spells on your units from being dispelled
Nexus Focuses Leylines around a city to increase its mana production
Radiant Flare Every wizard can detect the enchanted unit everywhere
Wreath of Flame Engulfs one of your units in protective flame that hurts all attackers

Energy master
Dragon's Call Summons the huge firebreathing monstrosity known as a dragon
Lightning Strike Calls down a vast lightning storm that does great damage in a large area
Mana Drain Curses an enemy wizard to leech away a large amount of his mana each week
Meteor Storm Continually ravages the entire world with flamy obliteration
Spellshaping Move spells from your units to enemy units, or vice versa
Storm Run Greatly increases the overland speed of one of your units

Chaos initiate
Aquatic Mutation Endows a unit with gills, allowing it to swim
Blight Renders a resource, fortress or watchtower unusable
Call the Void Makes the Void expand each turn to swallow the world!
Chimeric Bond Summons a flame-breathing chimera
Degenerate Transforms your own units into undead, reducing their upkeep
Flicker Teleports one of your units at random
Glyph of Warding Puts an invisible trap on the map, that detonates when a unit enters

Chaos adept
Delusion Cloaks a stack of units in illusions to disguise them
Distilled Death Summons a nasty slime that slowly multiplies
Greed's Treachery Turns a city's inhabitants greedy, increasing its upkeep cost
Insanity Drives a unit insane, causing it to lose most of its abilities
Misery Decreases happiness of all citizens throughout the world
Third Eye Imbues a unit with disturbing visions of its surroundings
Tempest Ward Wraps a city in chaotic magic, shielding it from enemy spells
Toxic Touch Mutates a unit into a venomous monstrosity

Chaos master
Chimeric Horde Summons a Chimera to each battle in which you have less than six units
Polymorph Transforms a stack of units into random others
Glory Bestows three random beneficial enchantments on a unit
Invoke Archon Summons an intimidating overbeing that calls forth fear and lightning
Thoughtshatter Causes an enemy wizard to lose knowledge of one of his spells
Warp Magic Causes magical backlash against all of an enemy's enchanted units and cities