King's Quest III+

An Heir Raising Tale

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In 1986, Sierra-On-Line released the third installment of their phenomenally successfull King's Quest series. It tells the tale of a poor boy enslaved by a powerful evil wizard, who raises up to defeat the wizard and claim his heritage as Prince of a distant land. And there was much rejoicing.

Nearly fifteen years later, a number of fans started to create remakes of a number of Sierra games, improving the graphics, storyline, or both. Or simply refitting the game with a more modern interface. Examples of these games include King's Quest II+, Maniac Mansion Deluxe, and Larry II point & click.

Now the time has come for King's Quest III to be remade. While the graphics remain the same as in the original (largely due to my lack of drawing skills), the story and puzzles have been greatly improved.

I hope you enjoy the remake!
      -- Pieter Simoons, aka Radiant
Enhanced eight-minute introduction

New Features
• The storyline has been improved, for instance the villagers now show the fear they feel for the evil wizard. Several facets of the original story have been changed or tweaked, making this an alternative version.
• The game ties its story in with the other games in the King's Quest series.
• A number of scenes have been added, particularly in the part of the game that plays in Daventry.
• More puzzles have been added, especially to the objects that were just lying on the ground in the original.
• While most people could only hear PC speaker sounds in the original, this version plays multi-channel MIDI music.
• And finally, a point-and-click interface has been installed.
• KQIII+ contains 48% more rooms, 74% more sounds and musics, and 59% more sprites.
More character depth and interaction



Requires a Pentium processor of 100 MHz or better, at least 32 Mb of RAM, and Windows 95 or above.

Thanks to...

Chris Jones, for writing Adventure Game Studio
Petreas Faidon, for supporting me with graphics
Fluxmaster, Dreammaster and Moodyblues, for beta testing
More dastardly spells

Frequently Asked Questions

Cameos and tie-ins with other KQ games

How does time pass in the game? Why isn't anything happening?
Game time in KQ3+ passes solely as a result of your actions, not as a result of real time or the amount of screens you cross. There are some exceptions where Manannan will punish you if you don't perform a chore fast enough.
If you forgot what you were supposed to be doing, try clicking the 'talk' icon on Gwydion.
Are there any dead ends in the game?
A dead end is a situation from which you cannot complete the game any more because you forgot something (or did something wrong) in an earlier part of the game that you cannot go back to any more. The obvious exception is when the main character dies.
KQ3+ has no dead ends. Any obstacle the game throws in your way can be passed using the resources you have available at that time. Of course, it is possible that you may have to solve another puzzle first. It is also possible that by doing things wrong, you may no longer be able to get the full score, but you will be able to reach the end.

What's the deal with all the flower- and sky-related messages?
Believe it or not, in KQ3 virtually every room had its own response to 'look flower' and 'look sky'. I decided to keep them in most cases.

How was the game written?
With AGS (Adventure Game Studio), created by Chris Jones.

Why doensn't Manannan take Alex from his cradle?
Even though it is the official canon, I felt justified in taking a different approach to the kidnapping. It feels strange to me to envision Manannan raising a baby in his mountaintop house, nor does this explain why Alexander is able to read. Finally there is no reference anywhere in the game to the 'vast armies of spirit servants' Manannan would be able to conjure, nor would I want one. This change does not cause a contradiction with the rest of the series, and I believe it improves the storyline.
What about the spellbook copy protection?
KQ3+ neither requires the manual from the original KQ3 to complete the spells, nor does it contain the information that would let you bypass the protection in the original KQ3.

Why is this game so friggin' large?
In this age of internet, who cares?
But seriously. First, AGI is rather more efficient in storing graphical data than AGS. Second, I'm not even using the most efficient method within AGS. And third, KQ3+ really is larger than KQ3.

Are there any easter eggs in the game?
Of course! What would a game be without easter eggs? There are references within KQIII+ to just about every AGI game ever made by Sierra. You just have to find them. And no, I'm not telling.
Where do I get the original KQ3?
Since it's still being sold by Sierra, it is illegal to download it anywhere, or for me to send you a copy. Try eBay.

Use the telescope to spy on Llewdor
This remake of King's Quest III is freeware. It is entirely a non-profit production, and no money may be charged for its distribution under any circumstances. King's Quest and all related paraphernalia are copyrights and/or trademarks of Sierra Entertainment. This game makes no claim of ownership to any material borrowed from Sierra.