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Freeware Game of the Month
- PC Zone UK

If ATOTK came out during the genre's heyday, we'd probably be waxing nostalgic about it today in the same breath as King's Quest and Gabriel Knight.
- Games for Windows magazine

Easily one of the best AGS games ever ... Overall Score: 95%
- AGS Ezine

A Tale of Two Kingdoms simply blew me away ... The amount of animation in the game is pretty impressive ... This game is a great achievement ... Final Grade: A
- Just Adventure

Die Bedienung des Spiels ist vorbildlich.
- PC Spiele Kompass

One of the most impressive indy storygames I've ever seen ... if you download nothing else put out in the last year, get this one.
- Storygamer

The color and detail is breathtaking, and each background has an array of creatures or animations that dazzle the mind.
- The Freehare

ATOTK is a game that deserves to be played.
- Mobygames

Highly recommended as the “Oblivion” or “Song of Ice and Fire” for the adventure gaming set.
- Yesterday's Salad

I suspect that it will long be recognised as one of the must-play AGS adventures.
- Adventure Gamers

This game has one of the most intricate, multilayered storylines I've encountered in an adventure game.
- Fac Ut Gaudeam

If you are a friend of classic point 'n click, this is worth a look!
- GamePro magazine

It tries to mimic Sierra’s style as close as possible and does it almost flawlessly.
- Curly's World

Best animation, best music, best puzzles, best manual.
- AGS Awards 2007

Source: Games for Windows magazine.

Source: PC Zone magazine, UK.

Source: GamePro magazine.

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