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• I did this-and-this, and forgot that-and-that. Am I stuck now?
No. ATOTK is a very non-linear game, and allows for multiple approaches or solutions to most of the puzzles. Although doing the wrong thing may prevent you from gaining the maximum score, there are no "dead end" situations from which you can no longer finish the game.

• Can I change the resolution, or run the game in a window?
Yes. Use the winsetup program that comes with the game.

• In what languages is the game available?
English and Hungarian. Use the winsetup program to select either.

• Is this game really free?
Yes, it is freeware, and you may pass it along to your friends. We hope many people will enjoy it! If you want to help us pay for the server and other development costs, feel free to use the donate button below.

• Can I run the game under Linux?
Yes. Please refer to this site (and this help thread) for information on getting it to work.

• Can I run the game on a Mac?
It probably runs under Virtual PC, or any other emulator. This has not been confirmed as of yet; if you have experiences or suggestions, please let us know.

• What language are you using for the game?
English. Oh wait, you meant programming language? It's written in Adventure Game Studio, also known as AGS.

• Will the game include speech?
We originally intended a speech pack, but we had trouble getting the necessary voices. Most people who auditioned were teens or students, and several of the characters in the game are middle aged, or even ageless faeries.

• What about translations?
A Hungarian translation is included in version 1.3. If you're interested in translating ATOTK into your native tongue, please contact us with a sample of previous work.

• Is it possible to die in this game?
Yes. We've made a complete list of all the possible deaths, here.

• Help me, I'm stuck!
Click on the 'forum' link above and ask for assistance.

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