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The Team
John Paul Selwood
Room art and Sprite art

Hello, my name is John-Paul Selwood. I am a 19 year old artist living in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia with my mother and my sister Emily, who is also an accomplished artist. I have been drawing as far back as I can remember. Although my preferred medium has been pencil/black and white, I have found graphic art to be an exciting new challenge. I use both PSP and Adobe Photoshop interchangeably. Both programs have much to offer.

In addition to art, I enjoy computer games, with adventure games being my favorite (of course). Reading fine literature, listening to good music, and keeping fish are some other areas of interest. I have successfully bred some fascinating species. Living in an area filled with natural beauty, I also enjoy nature, birdwatching, and keeping various animals, most of which are rescued strays!

This is an exciting project, which I hope will be completed in the near future.
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