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• When will the game be done?
The short answer is 'whenever it is ready'. The long answer is 'before 2014'.

• What is the 'donate' button for?
So that fans of us can volunteer to help us pay the cost for the webhosting, and other miscellaneous expenses that may turn up.

• Are the puzzles in the demo part of the full game?

• What language are you using for the game?
English. Oh wait, you meant programming language? It's written in Adventure Game Studio, also known as AGS.

• Will the game include speech?
It is indended that the game have an optional speech pack. When we get to the testing stage, we will announce a public audition for this.

• What about translations?
There will not be a version of ATOTK in a language other than English, simply because of the amount of work that would be involved in creating and proofreading one.

• Can I join your team?
Possibly. If you want to be a tester, you'll have to wait until the game is complete enough to be tested. We'll announce it when that happens. If you are an artist, animator or musician, we would be interested in hearing more. Please click on the contact icon in the upper right corner for details.

• How do I get through the demo?
Select a line with the mouse to read it.
• Use the branch to pry a stone from the left part of the wall.
• Throw the stone at the glint in the tree.
• Open door with the key.
• The answer to the monk's puzzle is the lower door on the right side.

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